Sunday, 11 July 2010

Training for the Dunwich Dynamo

One problem of having a family and children is that long bike rides are difficult to fit in without causing resentment - after all, you can't really go and ride at 18mph all day as a family activity. This poses a problem when there are two weeks to go until the 112.7 mile Dunwich Dynamo and, as usual, my distance training has been minimal. Since January:

About 80 commutes of 5.5 miles each way. No.
One night ride of 80 miles in April. OK.
One Sunday morning rumble of about 36 miles in April. Not really.
One night ride of 80 miles in June. OK.
One Sunday morning rumble of 32 miles last weekend. No.

So today we all went over to my parents' house and the family went in the car while I went by bike. Fixed gear to make it harder, and the hilly route (which includes half a mile of 1 in 10 to get over the Marlborough Downs). 60 miles in very hot conditions, on fixed, at an average of about 16mph. That'll help a bit. The Dun Run is easier because it's cooler (less of a problem with salt depletion and cramping), flatter and I'll have a freewheel.

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