Monday, 26 July 2010

Dunwich Dynamo done

112 and a bit miles, 125 in total for the night. Chickened out of using the Brompton in the end and took the Hewitt tourer, which turns out not to roll much better but at least doesn't pogo when I stand on the pedals (the "firm" Brompton elastomer turns out to be not very firm at all; the jubilee clips will need to go back on).

Some odd sights, including a bloke carrying his (large) dog all the way and the Dulwich Paragon train with blue and white fairy lights.

Left just after 8pm, arrived just after 5am. First half went right according to plan, with a very fast run through to the feed stop at Sible Hedingham. Second half started fastish but then my riding companion faded a bit. Then the drag from Bildeston up to the Wattisham plateau took it out of me too and although Mike recovered after a bonus feed stop (someone selling coffee, tea and bacon rolls near Gosbeck) I got slower towards the end. However, it was a respectable average speed.

Still got a slight touch of the "never agains" but I suppose I'll be there next year, as I have been for the last six.

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